Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Catching Up After a Fun-filled Week

Spring is in the air! After one of the coldest winters ever, St. Louis is experiencing above-average temps this spring - woot woot. I finally see the first shoots of hosta bursting through the ground, the dwarf peach tree is flowering (how we LOVE this tree...is it possible to truly LOVE a tree - I think so!) and we are spending most of our waking hours outdoors. Thankfully, little Ms. Elise inherited my love of simply being outside...doing nothing more than walking around the block, finding treasures along the sidewalk or drawing on the driveway with chalk.

Last week, we spent a fun morning/afternoon with our good friends Sheila & Lillian. Seems little Lillian is a fan of the outdoors too! Yeah. What excitement a small dirtpile and handful of cups can be!

Ignore the propane tank...
And, of course BUBBLES - the girls are insane for them!

Tennis season is also upon us. Josh had a tennis match this week at the Pattonville courts...which I hadn't been to since MY high school tennis days. Memories!

More to come, a great big Easter post...if I can figure out an easy way to write and include pics within this brand new blog of mine!! Seems there is a learning-curve here and it has taken me over and hour to write this short entry with pics - which don't want to STAY where I put them. :- Have a wonderful day everyone.

Friday, April 2, 2010

No Laughing....I'm New at This!

Well, I did it! I created (somewhat) a blog, something I have wanted to do for quite a while now, but never took the time to actually DO it. So here I am, a BLOGGER...my thoughts, rants, ideas, opinions, family events and photographs posted for all to scrutinize. This is serious business! As I sit here writing my first post, I have to wonder what in the world took me so long. I love to write - always have. As long as it can be what I CHOOSE to write about, in the style I choose to write it. Do you remember Creative Writing classes? Having to follow a certain outline for a Haiku or Poem? You won't find that here....you may not even find complete sentences at times. Growing up I always had a diary or journal to document my days, which weren't very spectacular or eventful, but that didn't stop me. I loved to scribble random thoughts and silly pictures in those little 4x5 "locked" diaries, and then in later years, spiral notebooks. More to come, I'm still navigating around this new "blog world". I can't wait to post some pics and really dive in!
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